I won the tie breaker – why am I still tied on the match results page?

Tie breakers are used to determine placement in a match. If you tie with someone at a match and beat them in a tie breaker, you will place ahead of them for the match – but your PRS points will remain the same. Tie breakers do not add to your PRS points.

I shot a match – but purchased a membership after, will the points count towards my rank in the standings?

Maybe. There’s a 7-day grace period. If you purchased a membership within 7 days of shooting the match, your points will count. If you did not purchase a membership within 7 days or less of shooting the match, your points will not count. The match & points will be associated with your account, but will not be included in tabulating your rank in the standings.

How are my three scores calculated in the standings?

A shooters season points is a sum of their three best scores.

In order to be qualified to shoot in the Series finale and compete for a USA Finale invite, the competitor must shoot at least three matches not including the UK finale.

Is my membership valid for an entire year from the date that I purchase it?

No, your membership is valid only for the season that you purchase it for. Seasons begin with the first match of the season that correlates to your membership. Seasons run January 1st – December 31st.

Can I shoot your matches with my FAC conditions?

Yes you can. Providing you have valid and up to date membership of a “home office approved club” you have lawful authority to shoot our matches. This is because all PRS events will be hosted at ranges with “adequate financial arrangements in place to meet any injury or damage claim”.

Please note this information has been provided to the series from organisation that know and understand U.K firearms law. It is still the shooters responsibility to understand all aspects of their FAC.

PRS U.K are not responsible for a breach of your certificate conditions.

If you are unsure, please preferably contact a reputable shooting organisation such as BASC or contact your FAO for your areas police force.

If your FAO tells you something different to what is stated here please ask them to escalate the question to their superiors for a second opinion as not all FAOs and police forces “sing from the same hymn sheet” in this topic and incorrect information could potentially be provided to you.

Are there rules on calibers I can use at matches?

Providing your rifles caliber is .30 cal or smaller and your muzzle velocity is less than 3200 fps you may use any caliber you choose. PRS UK reserve the right to check any shooters muzzle velocity at any moment you are at our matches by means of a magneto speed  V3 chronograph or a LAB radar. Muzzle velocities found to be over that limit would mean a match disqualification.

How many rounds do I need per match?

Our matches have a minimum of 160 round count, but some matches could be more. Its advised that shooters bring more ammunition than the minimum amount to complete the course in case of re shoots or tie breakers. An accurate minimum round count for each match will be given as soon as MDs have designed there course of fire for that match. Details of this will provided in good time prior to the match via or website, social media or email.

How do I qualify to shoot in the PRS pro series finale in the USA?

To qualify for the “ultimate match” you must rank in the top 3 positions in the series standings after the PRS UK finale is complete, and you must be a PRS UK Member for the matches that you compete in for qualification.

Your regular series standings are calculated by adding your three highest scores from your regular season matches then adding your score from the PRS UK finale – the PRS UK finale score is worth double points.

If a shooter occupying these positions is unavailable to travel to the USA for the match then it will be offered to the 4th place finisher and if they can not go then to the 5th. Shooters ranked outside the top 5 will not be eligible to compete in the PRS PRO series finale.

What kind of rifle do I need for PRS?

Preferably a bolt action rifle with a detachable magazine. Although please don’t let not having this set up discourage you. There are many rifles out there that will work in this sport, you just may be at a disadvantage to other shooters. Just bring what you have. There will be people there to help out with loaning any other gear you might need or find useful!

What kind of shooting experience do I need.

No prior experience is needed in this sport to turn up and give it a try. Providing you can adhere to both PRS and the rules of the hosting range then please come along.