Welcome to Precision Rifle Series UK

PRS UK was established with one clear goal in mind; to grow the PRS discipline across the UK and allow both new and seasoned shooters the opportunity to shoot elite Precision Rifle matches with the chance of becoming PRS UK Series Champion and the chance to fly to the U.S.A to compete amongst the best PRS shooters in the world!

PRS UK Series Standings - tracked scores from PRS Members

Scores are based on competitors two best match scores so far in the series.

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Competitor NameClassSeries Points
Daniel Gibbons - ChampionOpen391.813
Rory GibbonsOpen391.208
Josh MartinOpen388.095
Lawrence BarnesOpen379.881
Joe PaskOpen370.295
Ryan CharltonOpen369.212
Ben WoodOpen359.256
Oengus Harding SmithOpen356.776
Tom RiceOpen330.777
Andy Simpson-Nix Open281.365
Charles MartinOpen240.905
Richard TreziseOpen238.242
Andre MillsOpen224.698
Jacob SkuseOpen224.424
Jamie CallejaTactical217.526
Andrew SterlingOpen210.042
James BassOpen166.538
Andrea CharltonOpen Ladies112.619

Upcoming Matches

2023 Series Finale - Pro Shoot Caerphilly

07/10/2023 - 08/10/2023


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