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Welcome to Precision Rifle Series UK

PRS UK was established with one clear goal in mind; to grow the PRS discipline across the UK and allow both new and seasoned shooters the opportunity to shoot elite Precision Rifle matches with the chance of becoming PRS UK Series Champion and the chance to fly to the U.S.A to compete amongst the best PRS shooters in the world!

2024 PRS UK Series Standings

Scores are based on competitors three best match scores so far in the series.

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Competitor NameDivisionSeries Points
Rory GibbonsOpen199.32
Daniel GibbonsOpen199.15
Josh MartinOpen183.76
Joe PaskOpen182.39
Ryan CharltonOpen181.22
Lawrence BarnesOpen175.78
Dean FarrellOpen169.71
Oengus Harding SmithOpen169.70
Adam FarwellOpen164.32
Ben McIlwaineOpen164.12
Andy Simpson-NixOpen145.32
Steven ShorterOpen133.99
Andrew SterlingTactical123.35
James BassOpen120.33
Jacob SkuseOpen113.34
Robert GriffithsOpen109.82
James SewellMil/LEO99.51
Duncan McIlwaineSenior99.13
Jan HeylenTactical97.46
Josh LoftusOpen90.01
Paul CalvertOpen83.78
Sam StewardOpen83.73
Richard TreziseOpen80.90
Xavier MareuilOpen77.97
Vitaliy VyshtykalyukTactical76.29
Andre MillsTactical74.58
Harry ButlerOpen68.92
Charlton BothaOpen57.43
Noah SmithJunior55.93
Gerry ConlonTactical55.09
David ArnoldSenior52.70
David BlakeProduction51.97
Jock WilmottOpen50.85
Philip McCarthyOpen48.31
Julian TimmsSenior47.30
Shane ConlonProduction46.61
Jarlath DoddOpen46.61
Karl MaguireOpen45.27
Ben TadiarOpen45.27
Jamie CallejaOpen44.07
John NoyOpen41.22
Ingebord De BieOpen38.14
Clive GamlinSenior37.84
Andy SmithProduction35.59
Jennifer HoodlessLadies29.73
Johannes SchulerOpen27.96
Adrian O'ClementsOpen26.27
Cameron MillsOpen24.32
Frank HaleOpen22.81
James DevineOpen20.94
Anthony BradleyProduction20.94
James WalkerOpen16.10
Tom CarterOpen7.6

Upcoming Matches

Leupold Steel Classic UK @ Pro Shoot

13/07/2024 - 14/07/2024

We are now using the full Ultimate Ballistics system for bookings, you will be taken to the website to book on and create an account to register on to the match and pay your match fee.


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